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Chickens: two hens and a rooster

The gift that keeps on giving. Protein for today, tomorrow and the future.

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Help a family attend one week at Family Retreat

The Christian Horizons Family Retreat is a unique opportunity for families experiencing disability to enjoy a vacation together in a safe, fun and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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Sponsor a girl or boy

Change a life this year by giving your support. Your gift will provide basic and inclusive education, school supplies, nutritious meals, medical care, and spiritual development.


SPONSOR EXCLUSIVE: Give to your child's community

Give a gift of $100, $200 or $500 to purchase gifts that will be used for education and nutrition programs for the children in the community where your sponsored child lives.



Give a gift that nourishes, grows and reproduces. Goats provide direct nutritional benefit to a family, as well as their community, should the family choose to develop a business. Buying a goat is a step toward a self-sufficient future.

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University education

Help support a student with a disability pay their university tuition, lodging and food for one month.
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Weekly nutrition programs

Provide a child with a year of participation in their community’s weekly nutrition program.
$80.00 x
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School supplies

Provide a school uniform and needed supplies for an entire school year.
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Help a Family Retreat Volunteer serve for one week at the Family Retreat

Retreat Volunteers provide invaluable one-on-one support to a child, teen or adult with exceptional needs or a sibling throughout all of the fun daily camp activities.

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