Isaac Flagg and the RIDE

Isaac Flagg and the RIDE

A group of people holding the Ride for Refuge bannerIt all started with the guys that I support and a belief in the cause for which we would ride.

I had participated in the past by riding and by giving leadership as a team captain. But this year felt different. I wasn’t as excited as I had been about doing the same old same old. So I had a talk with God. ”God, I am thrilled to be a part of Christian Horizons, I have a heart for the people I support, and the focus for this year’s ride is wonderful. I would like to do something more than in the past from our area.”

I have always said Dream Big and Live Large, so I put the challenge to God.

A goal of $10,000 seemed out of reach as did participation of 65 people. We had never even been close to this in the past.

I put the goals in writing, and sent them to Christian Horizons. I moved from lethargic to obsessed. Niagara area would meet its goals and with Gods help we would succeed.

There were so many stories along the way, ‘random’ people who joined the ride; a lady who was turning 30 on the 30th said she wanted to join the team and brought a group of her friends to celebrate her birthday. They raised over a $1,000. A buddy of mine who lives east of Toronto said he would like to support me, I thought through a donation. More than that, he joined the ride, brought his son, and they raised close to $1,400.

Then there is a friend from high school who saw the information on my facebook page and contacted me in order to donate - it ended up being the largest single donation.

God and I talked a lot and I kept getting ideas to grow the team and to secure sponsors. It was out of my control – but fully in His.

On ride day, my program manager texted me to say that we had hit the $10,000 mark. We did not reach the 65 registered participants that I was hoping to reach, but with the 38 we did get and those who pushed wheelchairs and came to cheer us on we even met that goal.

My quote for this writing - "God Is Awesome".